The Coaching Team at Clearworks

If a Coach Facilitator is a member of the Clearworks Team, you can rest assured that they have been invited to join because of their outstanding match for skills, values and capability, in addition to being a warm, known, trusted professional of integrity.


I can tell you they're qualified and experienced - of course they are, you'd assume that - but more importantly they have been working in trust with satisfied clients to deliver impactful, effective change and high performance over many many years. 

They all understand the enormous challenge in creating the conditions and circumstances to enable change to happen; the pressures of complex systems, as well as the challenge of all those high IQ leaders in the world of STEM, Biotech and Pharma. Coaching for powerful smart leaders and their teams is not for the faint-hearted, and we're up for the challenge.

Each Coach has a strong background or connection to the specialist area of STEM, Biotech and Pharma and I am proud to introduce you to the team.  It is a huge privilege to represent this special group of practitioners and we look forward to exploring your aims and aspirations whenever you're ready.  

More detailed biographies are available with qualifications and postgrad specialities, so let us know if you'd like more. 

Please contact us on for more. 
Welcome to Clearworks.


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Executive Coach &           

OD Consultant

Gill Martin has been leading the Clearworks Coaching Circles in big pharma, since 2017, as Lead Group Coach at Clearworks.  She also works 121 and with Teams. Her work is grounded in a career in Organisational Development and Change, in-house in organisations including The Body Shop, and recently alongside institutions such as Imperial College and Roche. 

The magic of Gill Martin lies in her ability to balance a wise, educated, systemic understanding of the whole picture, in organisations large and small, with a gentle, real heart-led care for her client. 

Gill also works alongside me in ensuring all clients receive outstanding support throughout every programme, in line with our values, every day. 



Executive Coach Facilitator

The 20 years as a leader in the big guns like Pepsico, as Senior Director at Costa and Whitbread, give Nic Armitage his spurs as a great Executive Coach in any environment.  In recent years he has developed an on-line leadership profiling system for a Pharmaceutical client to galvanise business performance;  And developed a global leadership programme in the Biotech sector which equipped their leaders to implement a newly developed strategic direction across multiple markets.

Nic's passion is in helping teams to form, accelerate and deliver. After meeting Nic when we were both working in the high performing team academy of a global pharmaceutical client, I was excited to invite him to join the Clearworks team. Nic works 121 with Senior Leaders as well, in his warm and pragmatic style. 

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Executive Coach Facilitator

Tracy Skyrme is all about heart and purpose-led work.  Such an exciting colleague and friend to work with, because she's on a mission, all the time, to keep things real and meaningful. Tracy has been working for many years at top level with organisations, teams and leaders to help them find meaning in their work, lead with purpose and make values-based decisions. One of the most fun-loving creatives, and also on the Board at the International Coaching Federation, she's quite the combination. 

Tracy is a powerful team and individual coach and consultant, with a career started in KPMG and established in L&OD globally since 2003.



Executive Coach & Supervisor

I'm so proud to be able to introduce the unflappable Sally Bernham as a member of the Clearworks team.  When I grow up, I'd like to be as classy a coach as she is!

Sally is the Course Director for the professional coaching certificate programme for The University of Cambridge and an experienced, qualified Coach Supervisor. She's comfortable working at the top table anywhere, especially as a 121 Exec Coach, and thinking partner to Senior Leaders in STEM. Sally also works with internal L&OD and People Teams as Coach and as Supervisor.



Executive Coach Facilitator

Polly Downes is a really fantastic fit for the Clearworks Team as a combination of tech background and gifted coach. Polly worked in relationship and strategic solution roles for Dow Jones Newswires and the, so is familiar with the pace in tech and biotech. At Clearworks, Polly focuses particularly on 121 work with Leaders, as well as Clearworks Coaching Circles, including parental returners and female leaders.

Polly is known as a someone who'll work in trust and humour with the whole human (and their context) as they make brave change in real world situations.  Polly is a regular panelist on weekly webinar and advocates for of wellness, resilience and psychological safety. 

Polly splits her time between London and Los Angeles and heads up the Clearworks Coaching delivery on the United States' West Coast and Bay Area where the world of biotech is so vibrant . 



Executive Coach Facilitator

Claire Burgess is a talented and committed supporter of female leaders in the workplace and a leading authority in coaching for women.  Claire has worked in trust with me to provide innovative and affordable input for emerging female leaders since 2013 and continues to drive change in this speciality. A qualified Occupational Psychologist, Claire delivers 121 coaching of all sorts at Clearworks, as well as maternity leave and parental leave returners Circles. 

Claire is also a patient and engaging facilitator of workshops and leadership development. Using her expertise in emotional intelligence (especially EQi 2.0 assessments), Claire leads our Lab To Leadership programme for scientists and engineers emerging into leadership.



Executive Coach & Consultant

Steve has rich experience of creating and leading high (and not so high) performing teams and understands the importance that values, shared purpose, behaviours and relationship have to play alongside the more traditional processes and structures. His original career in consulting at Accenture means he can now bring a really deep perspective to your organisation, teams and leaders.  His approach now however is through coaching: Building thinking environments and safe and powerful spaces for senior leaders to work in trust, alone and in their lead teams. 


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