Aly King-Smith as Freelance Coach Consultant

A vibrant part of Aly’s business is associate delivery for trusted consultancies who are looking to enhance their experienced delivery team.  Aly has been working as a strategic L&OD Consultant in global blue chips and public sector since 2005 and freelance since 2013.  A post-grad qualified Executive Coach and a business leader, she’s comfortable operating at every level of business.


Why does she work outside of the Clearworks business?

Aly says, "I welcome associate opportunities as a way to keep broad skills honed and ‘the saw sharp’ as well as the enjoyment and fun of operating in fresh teams on diverse projects, not to mention the deep friendships and laughter. Freedom is one of my top core values and I still buzz with working on an innovative team on new projects and specialities. Working outside Clearworks' specialist niche brings rich insights and a win win for both parties."




She’d be interested to talk to you about delivery of input which:

  • Makes a difference

  • Is emergent, conversation/facilitation/coaching based, rather than manual-led training. 


The key areas that Aly would describe as her ‘sweet spot’ would be:

  • 121 Executive Coaching from Boardroom to FLM.

  • Team and Group Coaching

  • Facilitation of courageous, emergent, team and group conversations, including in the Board Room and the ELT.

  • Conducting diagnostic and strategic interviews

  • Facilitation of meetings alongside other experts e.g. during innovation process; to support internal roadshows; to run break out groups for keynote speakers

  • Client Account & Project Management – I’m commercially savvy and happy to lead a team or look after a project or client

  • Running EQ based workshops re feedback, difficult conversations, managing own state through business turmoil, personal impact, conversational impact


So - why Aly?..


Aly runs an Associate Team and has done for years, so she feels your pain.  She knows how critical the match is: for your brand, style, behaviours, processes, trust. She knows how to be a well behaved L&OD Associate and respects your position as Client owner!


Aly is a Post-Graduate qualified Executive Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation. She's accredited in the use of EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Facet 5 Psychometric.  Aly's also certified in Implicitly's Unconscious Bias Testing. Aly's practice combines intuitive coaching with established techniques, including Nancy Kline's Thinking Environment, Strengths focus, Transactional Analysis and Constellations. Aly is proud to have been an Executive Coach since 2005 and she participates in coaching supervision 121 and in groups monthly.


She has a broad and deep experience in the largest and smallest organisations out there, from giant German Car Manufacturers, to local Architects in practice. She's comfortable representing you to the client when you're not there, remaining loyal to your brand at all times.


Aly's expertise in delivery includes Executive Coaching - 121, in groups, in teams; Facilitation of emergent meetings at every level, including Boardroom and ELT. Happiest in behavioural contexts including EQ, Managing Difficult Conversations, Presentation Skills, Feedback, Impact and all manner of Leadership Development.


She is very fast to return your calls, emails, requests for dates and paperwork and knows how impactful that is on the heroic admin team.


Aly has bags of commercial acumen. She can cut the mustard with your sharpest clients and is happy running projects and leading teams. 


Just please don't give her a script.  Not any sort of script. Work that needs a script is not Aly's kind of work!! Process sure.  Framework, cool. Just not a tight Facilitator Guide that doesn't flex and grow.

Emergent, brave, conversation-based work is Aly's sweet spot and she has worked as an Associate in that niche with cosy clients for years.  Please get in touch - there's always room to explore exciting joy-generating parternship working.


Telephone: 07921 640486


Address for all correspondence:

Office 32

Caswell Science Park



NN12 8EQ

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