One to one Coaching for Senior Leaders

What does Exec Coaching bring to an individual?

Outside objectivity:

​An Executive Coach works with curiosity, and without judgement, to help leaders gain honest perspective, think differently and to explore what is really true.  Often the coach is the only person in a leader’s life who can talk with ‘no skin in the game’, ask the big questions, enable deep, brave decision making and facilitate fresh thinking in leaders who haven’t previously had or made time to reflect. Setting and committing to accountability goals with a coach can leverage a big step up in performance.

Turning on the light:

​These judgement-free conversations are often the catalyst in raising self-awareness to a new level.  Working out our strengths and ‘watch-outs’ in a safe challenging environment with a great coach, can be one of the turn-key moments in a leadership journey.  Nearly every piece of feedback that we receive, when a leader is excited about their coaching outcome, refers to new insight gained by working in such trust. Sometimes we use psychometric tools to deepen the exploration and provide data – read more about these below.

​Boosting the tool-kit:

​Purest versions of coaching should remain in the questions, rather than in the telling, the ‘input’ or the training.  At Clearworks, we carefully walk the fine line between pure coaching at times, and filling the gaps sometimes.  We realise that in the world of SME, in biotech, and often in scientific or technical areas (where cleverness, accuracy and technical smarts have been key to promotion), there can be some gaps in the leadership development journey. If a model or a book recommendation might help, we can add those in too, but only with care and never in the ‘tell’. Coaching questions and exploration win every time.


Understanding systems:

​Coaching can really boost a leader’s ability to work out the idiosyncrasies of the system in which they work.  Becoming more career savvy, impactful or switched on to the ‘games’ at play in an organisation can be transformational.  Being external enables us to help leaders explore those systems and networks with clarity. Understanding the organisational perspective and history can unlock all sorts of powerful insights. Boosting communication skills and flex is one of the key benefits of coaching.


Feeling aligned in the world:

Working with a coach can be transformational in enabling a leader to ensure her or his values, purpose, mission are aligned and exploring why it matters. Your coach will be using appreciative enquiry techniques to help you hunt for your strengths and to work out what exactly you wish to focus on – both for high performance and for optimal life satisfaction and resilience.  How is the balance?  What is not serving you any more?


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