"Content & Copywriting"?

More like "Vision, Branding & Voice"! 

in Biotech, Medtech, Pharma & STEM 

If you're looking to create written content marketing materials in this sector, including internal & external comms, blogs, articles and opinion pieces, we can definitely help you.  That's the easy part. But more than that, we work deeply with senior leaders to crystallise and clarify your vision before you decide what you want to say.

What do you stand for?  What's your vision for your brand, team, product? what do you want people to do with that information?

Having worked with so many organisations, teams and leaders to establish purpose, mission, impact, behaviours and cultures, we realised in 2017 the unique power of the writing that we can provide in this sector - profoundly aligned with the organisational mission.  


"When we've been locked in a room with Clearworks for two full days developing the conversations around strategy, direction, conflicts, strengths, threats, customers, investors - they are very well equipped to start to write about it, for the benefit of the team, the organisation and actually, more than anything, our end users.  There's an extreme clarity and trust that develops."
- Client of Clearworks Writing


Director Aly King-Smith leads Clearworks' writing business personally.  She has a background as a Chartered Physiotherapist (surgical speciality within the NHS) before a successful commercial career at Searle (now Pfizer) and then Sanofi Pasteur MSD. She has a post-graduate certificate in Personal & Business Coaching from the University of Chester and currently writes marketing content, blogs and articles for her own businesses, within the pharma, biotech and medtech sectors, as well as commercially as a ghost writer and under blue-chip brands.

Clearworks' writing process always begins with a vital diagnostics process to understand the brief, learned from our combination of:

- Decades in behavioural and culture change programme design - knowing what causes effective change to stick

- Behavioural psychology and coaching

- A successful sales & marketing background

- Technical creds

Our diagnostics process explores:


Who are you?  What are you wanting to say to the world? What do you stand for?  What do you want your customers, service users, patients, employees to experience from you?  To do next? How are your written messages congruent with your values and your brand? What is the purpose of this particular piece of writing?  And a stack more questions besides..before we even get to the content.

Writing in this sector for smart scientists and technical experts is not for the faint hearted. We'd love to be trusted to write for you and your organisation and invite you to get in touch to explore.


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