We would highly recommend the use of the EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment tool at the beginning of coaching programmes in many sectors, but it is particularly helpful in providing turn-key insights to technically expert leaders.

The way the data is focused and presented has proven extremely popular with clients. 

Some of the reasons we think assessing Emotional Intelligence is especially appropriate in these sectors:

  • It separates highly relevant areas of behaviours.  For example head-led Impulse Control, Reality Testing and Problem Solving are separated from more heart-led factors like Interpersonal Relationships, Empathy & Social Responsibility. This is exceptionally useful split of head v heart.  

  • It provides some true base-line data at the beginning of a programme with the ability to use as a self-assessment or a 360. Scientists and engineers love a bit of data to explore right? We can use it together to look for areas to develop and to learn from.

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment describes the actual frequency of behaviours, as perceived by others. It is therefore flexible, changeable and out there to develop, it is the opposite of "set in stone" and provides rich data for individuals to start to work out how to accelerate behaviour change in a way that others will notice and feel. It offers a growth mindset in its essence.

  • It's well-priced, well presented, carefully and securely administered by an excellent external provider Psysoft, who are all over it, with security.  Clients tell us they think it's definitely value for money and we agree.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment Tools


EQ-i 2.0

Emotional intelligence refers to a set of emotional and social skills relating to the ability to recognise, manage and utilise emotional information effectively when building relationships, making decisions and coping with stress.  These skills are deeply connected with leadership capability.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching can be used to raise self-awareness and to develop vital skills for professional and personal development.

Skills like picking up on social cues, understanding the influence of emotions and effective self-expression in communication can prove to be the distinguishing factor for personal and professional success.

We use the EQ-i 2.0 to enable leaders to assess their current levels of emotional intelligence and work to identify where there would be most benefit in improving these skills. This can be used as a 360 or a self assessment tool.

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