The unique challenge of developing female leadership

Maybe you simply don't have many senior women in your STEM organisation and you're keen to support the few that you have.

Maybe women from the senior and mid-levels of your organisation are choosing to leave and you’re not sure why.

Perhaps you already know that recruiting more female leaders makes the world of difference, but women say they’re missing out on promotions, or on getting their voices heard at your top table.

Maybe the women in your organisation are absolutely on fire and you want to support their fantastic work.

Maybe sometimes you've thought that women were leaving to get more balanced family lifestyles, but you’ve heard that they’ve gone to work full time for your competitors. Women’s networks, with inspirational speakers are reported to bring a short-term morale boost but they aren’t affecting real culture change in your business.


Perhaps women who come back after maternity leave don’t stay as long as you’d hoped, and the ones who do, report strain and discomfort with the current ways of working.. and you have some incredible women further down the organisation and you’re desperately keen to inspire them to stay.


You’re trying to build a new culture and ensure the future is diverse and inclusive. A successful place to be a talented female leader. ​ Maybe you’d do more if you knew what would help: you don’t want to patronise, stereotype or say the wrong thing, and you’re very stuck with how to support, develop, engage and retain more of your highest female performers.

And then to make matters worse, you're measured on your pay gap and diversity figures and you're not making the grade -

You'd change it if you could..

If these scenarios sound familiar then we can definitely help.

Working with women solo, in teams and in cross-organisational groups, the Clearworks team delivers tried and tested, innovative programmes at affordable, ethical price points, to enable more women to get to the top and stay there, if they want to.


Coaching can be accessed 121, or in teams and groups.  The Clearworks Coaching Circle is a unique, high performance environment which delegates describe as ‘turn-key’ and ‘resourcing’. Individual Leadership Coaching, and Maternity Leave Coaching are now widely delivered as a key support to retention of senior talented women.

We’d love to talk to you more about 121 Coaching and The Clearworks Coaching Circles and their impact in the STEM, Biotech and Pharma sectors, in supporting, challenging, developing and coaching women to be happy, successful, confident, balance leaders.

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Clearworks Coaching Circles

Clearworks Coaching Circles are focused GROUP COACHING. 

6 People; 6 months; 1 coach.

Who is it for?

The Clearworks Coaching Circles are for groups of ambitious women who have a shared purpose and wish to:

  • Feel more prepared for a transition at work or in life; perhaps returning to work.

  • Benefit from planning and thinking with the inspiration of peers.

  • Commit to the accountability goals of group executive coaching.

  • Accelerate connection between parts of the organisation

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