Introducing our unique, specialist group coaching programme:
Clearworks Coaching Circles


Circles build accountability & drive connection across the organisation. 

More leaders access great coaching more quickly.  

Organisations build powerful support in your target areas such as women in leadership and retaining talent. 

This is focused GROUP COACHING.  6 People; 6 months; 1 coach.

Who is it for?


The Clearworks Coaching Circles are for groups of ambitious people who have a shared purpose and wish to:

  • Feel more prepared for a transition at work or in life; perhaps returning to work.

  • Benefit from planning and thinking with the inspiration of peers.

  • Commit to the accountability goals of group executive coaching.

  • Accelerate connection between parts of the organisation


These groups are also really beneficial for people who are:

  • Tired of working alone or virtually.

  • Feeling stuck.

  • Wanting to accelerate their career or understand why they're not progressing.

  • Working in a lonely environment eg only woman in a business unit.

  • Wanting to gain or regain confidence after setback

Brave behaviour change is accelerated in a tried & tested format.  Small, affordable groups of leaders work with the same executive coach for six months.



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More about the Coaching Circles:

How do they work? 


Clearworks Coaching Circles are powerful: Tried and tested over many years. They have a unique semi-structured design.

They use all we know about the psychology of 'belonging', of tribe-building and of trust, to enable groups of people to build momentum personally, and across an organisation.  More 'a movement' than a programme, the Coaching Circles are a strong lever in building coaching cultures, driving behaviour change and accelerating connection across leadership cohorts. 

Small groups of like-minded leaders with a shared purpose, work together with an Executive Coach to peer-coach, challenge and support each other.


  • Group members share a common interest, which promotes accountability, understanding, engagement and collaboration. 

  • Focus is agreed with senior leadership and their support engaged

  • Sessions have semi-structured themes designed to reflect the specific, topical challenges of the members

  • Groups are priced to be significantly less than 121 coaching for all.

  • Groups meet monthly with the same specialist, certified coach to accelerate connectedness and trust.

  • They employ behavioural psychology and strengths-finding methodologies to explore emotional intelligence, resilience, accountable goal setting and confidence. 


There is alchemy in bringing together a group of strangers with one fundamental element in common…with a highly experienced executive coach and specially designed materials to help the magic happen.

A Clearworks Coaching Circle has extraordinary impact at a cost that is substantially less than individual executive coaching. 

Brave change is accelerated.  Top class executive coaching is accessible and affordable, earlier in your career.

What People Say:

Senior Scientist: #Biotech


"As a direct result of the preparation I did at The Clearworks Circle, I asked for the chance to go for a role that I'd been nervous to go for before. I felt more confident in the interview and secured the role I wanted. My huge gratitude to you"

Senior Leader: #Biotech


"I no longer have to have all the answers!  I finally understand what everyone is talking about with "Leader As Coach" and my wife has commented that I'm more 'present' when I'm at home and the team tells me they're able to get stuck in more confidently"


Departmental Head: #Engineering


 "Finally the chance to step out of the madness for a little while to think! And to pick the brains of my amazing women peers in the business. I don't feel alone anymore and I've definitely accelerated my career trajectory and I think positively impacted the role of women in the business in general. Here's to that."


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