High Performing Teams

Team Coaching to accelerate progess in your senior teams

The verb 'to team'

team. /tiːm/


gerund or present participle: teaming

  1. 1. come together as a team to achieve a common goal.

Rapid, dynamic ‘teaming’ is one of the ways to really drive the business onwards and upwards*. Of course it is. The faster that groups can team and re-team, the faster they can trust each other and deliver top performance.

When the team isn't aligned


But when teaming isn’t going smoothly, the trust is wobbly, the communication is patchy, the work can’t be smooth because no one is aligned and the vision isn’t clear. If no one is listening to anyone else, or seeing things from others’ points of view, attempting to team quickly won’t work. if the direction and ways of working haven’t been agreed. The tensions will rise, the miscommunications will grow and the best team members sadly, won’t hang around. 


There are communication preferences that need to be honoured. Introverts v extroverts;  'Hurry Ups' vs 'Be Perfects'; 'Thinkers' v 'Feelers'.  Commercial v  Clinician; Scientist v Creative; Innovation v Finance; 'Reds' v 'Greens'. All the ways humans can feel different, can really play up if we try to accelerate performance without a really clear alignment of vision. If you can establish the vision and purpose early, you have a much better chance of clarity and success.

Great team coaching can lead to faster, clearer and more trusting alignment. 

Reaching the optimal environment where even positive conflict can exist safely, is the aim of the experienced Team Coach.  Support and challenge in perfect balance.

High Performing Teams

If you are an L&OD Leader, an HRD or a Head of People, looking to find a coaching team to work with your senior leaders, we understand the huge sense of responsibility and pressure around that. Talk to us and we can help you explore options. We're happy to do that without obligation - it's all part of our way of working too.


*Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate, and Compete in the Knowledge Economy - Amy C. Edmonson

Building High Performing Teams

The most common requests we get in 2020 are:


  • Aligning behind a team purpose, mission and charter

  • Exploring potential dysfunctions in the team

  • Improving communication between different personality types or business areas

  • Building a high performing team journey

  • New leader assimilation to accelerate the joining and a new senior leader

  • Building a coaching culture at the top

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