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Workshops for Emerging and Aspiring Leaders in STEM, Biotech and STEM

Scientists and engineers tell us that making the move from technical expert (accurate, focused, timed, objective) into people leader, can be a really heavy lift. It feels like a tough ask for smart technical experts and scientists to move to a more intuitive, whole-hearted, courageous leadership style.

There can be a troubling dip in confidence, when stepping up into leadership; tricky or challenging conversations can be overwhelming.

Organisations risk huge dips in performance when the leadership is not confident and teams risk slowing down.

Many scientists and engineers return as soon as they can to ‘individual contributor’ roles, or fend off leadership opportunities completely, through fear of the unknown. What tragic loss of potential as future scientific leaders stay away from these roles.

Developing new leaders in the world of STEM, Biotech and Pharma is fulfilling, fast moving and satisfying work that we love to do at Clearworks. Sharp people with ambition respond very quickly to the right input. The secret is in the delivery – as leaders connect with their strengths and their own individual sense of leadership, their confidence and performance grows quickly.

At Clearworks we’ve designed an innovative approach to developing technical experts “From Lab To Leadership"™ that moves people through a logical pathway.

Developing your leadership population will transform your organisational culture. Enabling your scientific leaders to relax into the bravest conversations and presentations, build the vision and engage their teams, will raise your whole performance, no question.

EQi 2.0 is one of the assessment tools we can use as part of the Lab To Leadership pathway.

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