Lab To Leadership
Workshops for Emerging and Aspiring Leaders in STEM, Biotech and STEM

If you're looking to grow your leadership talent pool, and develop more senior leaders in house, this is exactly the right programme for your organisation.

Delivered with in interactive, coaching style, online or face to face as you prefer, and depending on local guidance.  This is a combination of tools and research-based input, with real thinking space and collaborative interaction. 

There is a unique challenge in moving in this sector from smart, accurate scientist, engineer or expert, into the more subjective people skills of leadership.  This programme is based in strengths, emotional intelligence, preferences, and behaviour change.

Lab To Leadership comprises three modules:

Understanding myself:

Heightened self-awareness of strengths, gaps and preferences.  What makes you tick? When are you at your best and worst?  What are your values and what winds you right up?  Using self-assessment tools to gather true data as a starting point, we help smart technical experts raise their ability to flex and strengthen their leadership style. 


What do you stand for?  How confident are you on your feet?  In a position of influence?  Can charisma be developed or is it something we're born with? What sort of leadership is most successful in which context? How much does your view of yourself match what other people think?

Understanding others:

Why are other people so tricky to understand?  What makes them tick?  Why are some people easier than others for you to lead? What do other people need from you? What happens when members of your team don't get along? How can you share your plans and vision so that people come along with you? What is "influence" and how do we grow it?  Who wishes you well?

Flexing your leadership Style:

Learning to listen listen listen to understand. When and how to give and receive feedback. Building the culture that you want for your team. Deciding what you want to be famous for in this role, and what might help and hinder with that.  Managing under performance; Motivating for high performance.  Aligning with the organisation. 

This workshop is semi-planned, and semi-bespoke, so you can make it fit your organisation perfectly at minimal design cost. It is aimed at your early leadership development pipeline - emerging leaders and aspiring leaders.

EQi 2.0 is one of the assessment tools we can use as part of the Lab To Leadership pathway.

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