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When coaching senior leaders. we recommend a 'Live 360' where we spend time in the business, asking strengths-based questions and watching and listening. We may observe leaders with their team, in one to one meetings, and when they're up on their feet.

The feedback is not confidential, it's absolutely there to shared. 

Confidential online 360s have the reputation, (with good reason) that they promote secretive, non-feedback. They discourage openness and honesty and cause untold discomfort and mistrust between colleagues. No one has to stand by their observations and no responsibility is given or taken.  The person receiving the feedback can't ask any more questions, seek clarification or grow. At their worst, people may not even feel able to tell the truth, rendering the whole process a waste of time.

This method is NOT built to do that.

On the contrary.  It actively encourages the conversations about performance.  We encourage peers, team members, leaders and line reports to share their thoughts, giving licence to build the conversation about high performance. We set a clear contract with everyone that this is not confidential, it is performance-improving. 

How do colleagues experience this person, at their best and worst?

What do advocates wish this person could know more clearly, to help them now?

What does this person do that sets them apart as brilliant?

What strengths do you feel this person could use more?

This is a fantastic intervention when working with talented leaders who have been identified on the succession plan as sparkly stars, or for leaders about to take a big step up.

Exceptionally often, we are asked to work with someone who is perceived by peers and senior leaders to be "ready".  When we meet the leader they may be full of questions, doubts or classic imposter phenomenon. Some clear, direct anecdotal feedback is a superb catalyst for conversations. 

In other circumstances, we may meet a leader who is baffled by his or her inability to secure that promotion.  Clarity of this sort, alongside great coaching, can be life changing.

If you'd like to understand more about this process, the best start is a conversation, so please drop us a line below.


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