Strengths Profile


There are several strengths-based tools available and we love them. The hunt for the work that sits in that shared space between

"I love it" AND "I'm good at it" is where the magic lies. 

We choose the Strengths Profile ( as our recommended one for several reasons, including:

1. It is wildly affordable, which means loads of your people can do it. We love starting a programme with all delegates armed with their strengths and learned behaviours to hand.  It starts a positive psychology wave and movement, and can only be a good thing for teams, organisations and the world! Using a tool which can be downloaded by lots of people at lots of layers in the organisation is a great way to build a strengths focus quickly, rather than saving an elite product for the lead team only.

2. It is brilliant at explaining (and profiling) the key differences between "Strengths" (things we're good at, that give us energy) vs "Leaned Behaviours" (things we're good at, that steal our energy).  This sounds like a small thing but it isn't. Bright successful leaders are good at so many things.  I mean really.  They're multi talented, long-time educated, resilient, clever people. They're good at loads of things.  And MANY of these things they will not like doing. It stinks when you become famous for being good at something you don't much like. Just occasionally when we work with this tool, someone realises that they're in the whole wrong career!  More often it's a simple reminder of where to spend the time. Crucially in team work, it's a lens on who should be doing what, what would happen if everyone worked in their key strengths, and the gaps.

3. There is a Team Report available, which combines the strengths and weaknesses of the team.  This gives us great data when starting the acceleration journey with a team, and can be powerful for manager and leaders to use and update over time.

4. Knowing and regularly reviewing our own, and others' strengths is a key part of emotional intelligence. This profile can be reviewed more than once, to remain current.

Strengths Profile

When we use our strengths, research tells us we're happier, engaged, and more likely to achieve our goals. Knowing your strengths helps us to focus on the tasks we do well and enjoy - and the benefits are backed by research. It won't just benefit you, but the people, teams, and organisations you work with, if you operate more often in your areas of strength.

When you're working to your strengths, the work flows more easily. The Strengths Profile is a fantastic, highly affordable tool that can reconnect you straight away with your own strengths.

We use the Strengths Profile as part of the Clearworks Coaching Circles, on One to One Coaching programmes, Leadership Development programmes and any accleration of high performing teamwork.


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