Acceleration of high performing team work

If you are bringing your senior leaders together to accelerate their progress, you are going to need to know it'll be a good use of all that expensive leadership time. We can definitely help with that.


The Clearworks delivery team has been designing and delivering bespoke, effective team coaching and team facilitation for over 20 years within businesses from blue chip global organisations to scale up STEM, biotech and medtech organisations.

The most common requests we get in 2020 are:

  • Helping to nail the purpose and mission of organisations and teams; and aligning a team with the company's own purpose and mission.

  • Improving communication between different personality types and business areas

  • Exploring the potential dysfunctions of the team

  • Building a high performing team journey

  • Driving culture change until it sticks

  • Developing skills of impactful and charismatic leadership and presenting in technical expert leaders

  • New leader assimilation to accelerate the joining and a new senior leader

  • Team Coaching to enable the group to focus on the work rather than the process

  • Building a coaching culture at the top

We have also delivered hundreds of bespoke sessions in partnership with senior teams and leaders and would love to talk to you about your measurable outcomes.  What are you trying to cause?

Our process would be:

Diagnostics - asking the questions to get under the skin of the team

Design - co-creating the most impactful input

Delivery - Working with the team, and sometimes with the individuals in conjunction

Evaluation - Did you get the outcome and output you were aiming for? How will you know?

It's obvious to say so, but f you're at the early stages of throwing ideas around, we can talk without obligation and help you progress.

Or, as we often find, you've an urgent date confirmed and no plan - we can help with that too!.. You can't scare us with a diving catch..

Whatever stage of thinking you are at, give us a call and we can explore options.  As you'll see in your values, we are committed to delivering high quality at a fair price, and all with the decision to enjoy it as we work.  We want every client to be gad they chose Clearworks, so please get on touch and start from where you are.

Email here or call Director Aly King-Smith on 07921 640486



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