Virtual Executive Coaching for Senior Leaders

Using virtual platforms for leadership coaching has been a key part of Clearworks’ delivery strategy for many years. We’d highly recommend its benefits to you.


  • Virtual coaching for senior leaders is extremely cost effective, avoiding travel time and expenses, and means sessions can be booked exactly when they’re most helpful for clients.

  • We can match the absolute best-fit Coach to Client, regardless of geography or time-zone, which has led to some incredibly rich coaching sessions and outcomes.

  • Coaching programmes can be split into sessions of differing length, to be more agile and effective in supporting the needs of senior leaders in this accelerated world of 2020.  Sometimes a thirty-minute coaching session before “that big moment” is more important than a two-hour sit down. 

  • Senior leaders won’t stand still for long.. Coaching can continue whether the leader is working from home, on site, or travelling abroad. These programmes are also highly beneficial for returners, following parental, sick or study leave.


In Executive Coaching for leaders working individually, we’re happy to go with you organisation’s tech choice, and regularly work on Zoom and Skype, Teams and WebEx. 


This is an example one-to-one online coaching programme across 3-6 months:


Meeting 1:

Leader introductory meeting online:

This is a warm and informal meeting where Coach and Leader explore styles and ways of working that suit both. Focus for the coaching is discussed and the paperwork signed. This first meeting can be face to face on site in your organisation, if you prefer.

What are we all aiming to cause? How will we know it was a success?


Meeting 2:

Invitation for Leader’s manager, HR, key stakeholders to join an online group meeting to set organisational alignment and reporting plans.  Who needs to know what, and when? How will other people measure success? How does that relate to the Leader's view? And the Coach's?


Online Coaching:

Online Executive Virtual Coaching Sessions begin.  A set number of hours is agreed and delivered flexibly as appropriate.


Final Meeting:

Revisit agreements and goals with stakeholders.


Additional assessments can be very effective in conjunction with these programmes, to provide data before we begin, e.g. Psychometrics, strengths profiling or semi-structured interviews (a live 360) asking those close to the leader for feedback and input.  


Alternatively you may choose a more focused, short, deep-dive coaching arrangement, often to explore stuckness, vision, purpose or deeper work:


Meeting 1: 

Coach & Leader meet for a contracting session, same Meeting 1 above

Online Coaching Intensive: 

Up to half a day x 2


Costs for these programmes range from £1500 + VAT for the shorter programme to £5000 + VAT for the longer one. Note: psychometrics and 360s do have additional costs which we can send immediately on request.


All Clearworks Coaches are established, senior Executive Coaches confident at every level in your organisation. Of course they are fully qualified, experienced, insured and committed to consistent professional supervision. We are all happy to uphold the codes of ethics and standards of the International Coach Federation, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Psychometric Assessment Tools of Choice at Clearworks:


Often we start a coaching programme with a self assessment tool or 360 degree feedback process, to provide baseline data and raise self-awareness.  These are our tools of choice at Clearworks.

If however, you have an in-house preference, we're very able to work with most of the tools on the market, on account of being quite old (wise perhaps?) and having met most of them along the line!

EQ-i 2.0

Emotional intelligence refers to a set of emotional and social skills relating to the ability to recognise, manage and utilise emotional information effectively when building relationships, making decisions and coping with stress.  These skills are deeply connected with leadership capability.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching can be used to raise self-awareness and to develop vital skills for professional and personal development.

Skills like picking up on social cues, understanding the influence of emotions and effective self-expression in communication can prove to be the distinguishing factor for personal and professional success.

We use the EQ-i 2.0 to enable leaders to assess their current levels of emotional intelligence and work to identify where there would be most benefit in improving these skills. This can be used as a 360 or a self assessment tool.

Facet 5

Facet5 is one of the most modern and advanced measures of personality available and is based on ‘the big 5’ personality traits, widely viewed to be the best way to understand how individuals tick.

Used by organisations and consultancies worldwide, Facet5 harnesses the power of personality, supporting individuals, teams and businesses to realise their full potential. Facet5 provides a simple model and a common language to explain how people differ in their behaviour, motivation and attitudes, and more importantly, what can be achieved.

We love it as a tool to build shared language in teams, especially in scale ups and agile, changing teams, and see it as a turn-key acceleration tool to ease and promote high performance and communication in teams.

Strengths Profile

When we use our strengths, research tells us we're happier, engaged, and more likely to achieve our goals. Knowing your strengths helps us to focus on the tasks we do well and enjoy - and the benefits are backed by research. It won't just benefit you, but the people, teams, and organisations you work with, if you operate more often in your areas of strength.

By the time you've become a senior leader, it's more than likely that you've become good at lots of different things - but not all of them are things that you actually like!  It is possible (we see it more often than we'd like) to create a whole career based on the things you've become good at, rather than your true strengths.

When you're working to your strengths, the work flows more easily. The Strengths Profile is a fantastic, highly affordable tool that can reconnect you straight away with your own strengths.

If you wish to accelerate progress of your senior leaders, raise self-awareness, build a shared language across teams, enable your most brilliant minds to spread their influence and enhance their leadership performance, we'd recommend a conversation to explore the ways that 121 Executive Coaching can help in your organisation.

Executive Coaching in the STEM, biotech, medtech and pharma sectors is a critical tool for retention and development of your most talented and precious people.

All the Executive Coaches at Clearworks have delivered more than 750 hours of Exec Coaching; have regular supervision & CPD, are fully qualified and insured to be working at the most senior level of any organisation.  This exceptional team of Exec Coaches has been curated, assessed and developed with care and integrity by Aly King-Smith over more than two decades in this sector.  If you ask for a Clearworks Coach you can relax in knowing they are a top class Executive Coach at the top of their game.

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