Developing great teamwork and leadership in Biotech, Med-tech & STEM 

After a lifetime celebrating accuracy, precision and specific knowledge, it’s a tough ask for smart technical experts and scientists to move to a more intuitive, whole-hearted, courageous leadership style. 

Developing flexibility, confidence and self-awareness in your leadership population will transform your organisational culture. Enabling your scientific leaders to relax into the bravest conversations and presentations, build the vision and engage their teams, will raise your whole performance, no question. 

This is the sweet spot for the Clearworks team, developing exceptional leaders and teams in this sector.  

We work with senior leaders to:

  • Build high performing teams more quickly

  • Develop leadership confidence & emotional intelligence at every level

  • Drive courageous and positive conversations across teams and organisations

  • Change cultures by changing behaviours

  • Communicate vision, values and purpose with impact

  • Move up quickly from an operational or technical roles into leadership

Our aim is always to work in partnership with you, with great care and high calibre delivery. 

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What can we tell you about Clearworks?

Clearworks was established in 2013 in the UK, and is a boutique organisational development (OD) and leadership consultancy with a speciality in executive coaching, leadership & team development in the biotech, med-tech and STEM sectors. Clearworks coaches deliver top notch OD, diagnostics, supervision, design and delivery of coaching, leadership & high performing team programmes face to face and online in the UK, Europe and the US.


All our team are grown up, established, strategic, qualified executive coaches and business owners who've been working with the biggest names and newest start ups for many years, in house and consultancy side. This is 'big 5' consultancy calibre work, without the price tag, and offers scale and expertise to ensure we can deliver programmes large and small. 

Clients describe a trusted, straight-talking, warm partnering approach -  and they say they appreciate that we do what do with care. We're a heart-led business and work in trust with clients and colleagues, over the long term.

Celebrating our seventh birthday recently we were told we work "with backbone and heart", which we loved, and aspire to  continue every day.

Drop us a note and see how we can accelerate your high performing teamwork. 

Clearworks was founded in 2013 by Aly King-Smith who is a Principal Consultant, Facilitator, Executive Coach, Business Founder, Writer and Speaker operating in the world of STEM leaders and teams.

Aly also works freelance as a Coach Consultant & Writer.

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We invite you to get in touch to discuss what you're aiming to achieve with your leaders and teams.  No pressure, no complications, we'd be delighted to have those exploratory conversations with you.

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Clearworks Coaching's HQ is in rural Northamptonshire, in the middle of the UK.  As well as being a beautiful place, it's handy for London, Oxford, Cambridge,  The Midlands & Birmingham, 

as well as Heathrow, Luton and Birmingham Airports.  

The team delivers direct coaching to busy leaders face to face & online using Zoom and Skype, and all coaches are happy to travel to work with national and international clients..nearly anywhere..

As our awareness of the climate crisis grows, we're driving more of our business to the virtual platforms and welcome efforts from our clients to be impact aware too. 

The Clearworks values 

  • Happiness First

    We do the work we love because that's the work we'll do best. We believe that great outcomes will come if clients and colleagues are enjoying what we're doing. Wellness, positivity and kindness are key to every day working here. We aim to make every client glad they chose Clearworks.

  • Quality

    It's critical to us that the work we do is effective.  We'll never agree to do work we're not experienced and skilled to deliver and we'll keep learning all the time to ensure we're at the top of our game.  If we think the work you're planning won't make the difference, we'll say so.

  • Trust

    The cornerstone of all our work is mutual trust with clients. We'll only recommend known experts, we'll explore your options.

    We'll pass on the work to trusted allies if it's not our bag and we'll flag it if we have any concerns.  Your secrets are safe with us.

  • Fair Exchange

    We'll price fairly and deliver our very best work.  We'll avoid unnecessary extra charges and work in agile ways. We won't hold back if we can see ways to deliver more without charge.

    In return we ask to be respected as partners and paid fairly as agreed.  We also ask you to handle our IP with care.

  • Care

    We'll be aiming to excel as we work with your people.  We'll look after your records, your data and your confidences.  If we mess up, we'll apologise and find a way to make it up.  Our aim is long term partnership with our brains and hearts on full.



Telephone: 07921 640486


Clearworks Coaching is a trading name for the specialist executive coaching consultancy within the STEM sector at

Aly KS & Co Ltd. Registered in England & Wales, number 11218523

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The Hive, Unit 9, High March Industrial Estate, Daventry, Northampton, NN11 4HB.

VAT Registration number: 294 0787 67

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